How SQL and MySQL database works? Difference between MySQL and SQL?

  SQL - Structured Query Language MySQL - Relational database management system
Owner Microsoft Oracle
Language Actual Language defined by the ISO and ANSI standard Specific implementation of ISO and ANSI standard
Open-Source Not open-source - uses SQL (Structured Query Language) for database management. MySQL is open source that uses SQL (Structured Query Language)
Tool Definition Structured Query Language to work with relational database management Actual Management Systems
Structure Language Systems
Data Operations

Add, remove, update, or select records

Insert and Delete operations are faster than MySQL

Store and retrieve your data.



Security Has more security tools e.g. Microsoft’s Baseline Security Analyzer Has no such tools
Database Optimization    A piece of software optimized for data storage and retrieval
Data Import Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) supports data migration from other databases e.g Oracle, MySQL, Sybase to SQL