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  1. Can you explain the complete flow of MVC?
  2. Explain Page Life Cycle of ASP.NET MVC?

How Request is handled in ASP.NET MVC?

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Page Lifecycle of an ASP.NET MVC:

  1. App initialization- Browser request pages to IIS

  2. Perform routing - IIS will pass this request to Application UrlRoutingMoule will try to find Route defined in RouteTable

  3. Create MVC request handler- UrlRoutingMoule will try to find matching Route defined in RouteTable collection. If matching route found - MvcRouteHandler will create instance of MvcHandler

  4. Controller-

    1. Create controller- MvcHandler will create an instance of controller

    2. Execute controller - MvcHandler calls the controllers Execute method

    3. Invoke action - controller determines which action method of the controller class to call, and then calls that method.

  5. Controller to Model - Controller work with Model- to retrieve and store data, to perform business logic for application.

  6. Model to Controller- Model provides data to controller

  7. Controller to View - Controller execute the result by returning a result type.

  8. View to Controller - View can also directly interact with controller (e.g. while interacting with  multiple modules ).

  9. Return Result to IIS - Appropriate return type based on action will be returned to IIS.

  10. Return to Browser - Render result to Browser